Johnies are johns own channel points in use over at

  • !johnies

    Show your johnies in chat.

  • !givejohnies 100 @username

    Give some of your johnies to someone else.


  • !corehunt

    Gather your viking buddies in chat and go raid a chamber for some more cores.

    type !corehunt 500 to wager 500 johnies on the chamber raids outcome. If you dont specify a wager, the entry fee is 10 johnies to ride along. type !johnies in chat to see how much johnies you have.

  • !troll

    Just a troll doing its thang.
    1000 johnies

  • !chickens

    just some chickens and a gonzo being musical.
    2500 johnies

  • !ateam

    Family Guy goes A Team.
    2500 johnies

  • !biggayal

    Im super! Thanks for asking! Big Gay Al cheers you up.
    2500 johnies

  • !elderberries

    …And your father smells of elderberries!
    2500 johnies

  • !greatest

    This is not the greatest song in the world. But near enough.
    2500 johnies

  • !heman

    By the power of greyskull!
    2500 johnies

  • !lumberjack

    I’m a lumberjack, and I’m OK.
    2500 johnies

  • !navy

    The muppets sing In The Navy.
    2500 johnies

  • !bravo

    Johny Bravo being flashy.
    2500 johnies

  • !mahna

    Mahna Mahna. Mahna Mahna….
    2500 johnies

  • !odetojoy

    Beaker puts up his best effort and sings some joy.
    2500 johnies

  • !roger

    Roger the Alien shows how its done.
    2500 johnies

  • !startrek

    Its life Jim, but not as we know it…
    2500 johnies

  • !stonehenge

    A guy wondering out loud who built the Stonehenge.
    2500 johnies

  • !tomjerry

    A cat is musical, a mouse is irritated.
    2500 johnies

  • !pirates

    Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum.
    2500 johnies


The following commands are ONLY available when I am playing with the !huginhelps tag in the stream title. They let you influence the Valheim game in various ways.

  • !hunt

    This command lets you spawn a mob in my game. The mob will randomly be from the biome I am in at that moment. There is a chance of the mob having an escort of 6 skeletons to come help it..

  • !weather

    Use this to change the weather in my game to something less pleasant, varying from a simple drizzle to a full blizzard.

  • !map

    This command will turn my minimap off for 30 minutes. Or, if the map is off, it will turn it on again.

  • !shrink

    Ever wanted to see a really, really small viking? This command will shrink me down from my current size.

  • !grow

    Gullivers travels now in Valheim! Use this command to grow me to a size too large for doors but with longer legs for bigger steps.

  • !heal

    Use this to heal me up when I am in trouble. Works a bit like a health potion.

  • !puke

    I will let you guess what this does.

  • !light

    Odin sends some help to see better in the dark.