Mountain Cave version!

Mountain Cave items update available! With the great help of BordBrain, new mobs and items from the Valheim Mountain Cave update have been added into the mod config available for download here.


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Valheim NoCraft

You land in a new world, pick up some wood and stone… and discover that creating your hammer will now cost 999 wood and 999 stone. Instead, you punch a greyling to death in the hope that he will drop you a hammer, or a club or maybe a stone axe. Slowly but surely you start gathering tools, armor and weapons and progress through the game as normal, expect this time your items have magical properties.. Who wouldnt want a staghammer that sets greydwarfs on fire?

This setup uses two existing mods: RecipeCustomization and Epic Loot. What this setup mainly does, is replace the initial grind for resources with a grind for killing mobs and seeking out the drops they have.


  • All craftable items now have a high cost for crafting them.
  • Upgrades to items are still possible at normal resource costs.
  • Repair to items is still possible.


  • Epic Loot allows for all mobs to drop tools, armor or weapons at chance.
  • Epic Loot was configured to ‘Unlimited’ so you do not need to craft an item before an epic version is dropped.
  • Tier0 mobs (meadows creatures) were configured to also drop more frequently, as you cant even craft a hammer.
  • Changed a number of drop weights to make more relevant items available in the biome you are in. (More iron items in the swamp for instance).
Valheim NoCraft
Valheim NoCraft

Crafting is (near) impossible from the workbenches, but mobs will drop tools, weapons and armor at random from the Epic Loot mod.

Size: 75kb
Version: 2.0
Published: March 4, 2022

How to install

the file provided here is simply an export of a mod profile that you can import into R2modmanager, or probably any modmanager that supports the R2modmanager profile format. Download it above, and then import it into your modmanager. Next, be sure to start up a fresh world with a fresh viking character and play this modded variant. I showed this process off during a stream, see the segment here.