This page describes a world setup I’ve named Builderheim. The aim is to provide a sandbox Valheim server that is vanilla (no mods needed) and fully facilitates building, so you can be focussing on creativity instead of grinding for materials and food.

  • no build cost for anything
  • all recipes are known
  • mobs are passive and raid events wont happen
  • no stamina drain
  • teleport everyting
  • 3x resources drop
  • Vanilla, no mods needed
  • Supports multiplayer on a server

Setup for a valheim builder paradise:

Global key nameValueEffect on world
allpiecesunlocked1All buildpieces in the hammer are available by default
allrecipesunlocked1All recipes in workbenches are available by default
noworkbench1You can build any item without a workbench nearby (except for workbench upgrades, they want their workbench nearby
passivemobs1Mobs will not attack you, unless provoked
teleportall1You can teleport any material in your inventory
resourcerate300you get 3x as much resources from collecting and gathering
dungeonbuild1You can build in any dungeon
staminarate1You never use any stamina
eventrate0There will be no raid events at base or elsewhere
deathskillsreset0When you die, you do not loose skill points
nobuildcost1You can build without having the resources for it in your inventory
nocraftcost1You can craft at workstations without having the resources for it in your inventory
So when you land in the world, you can build a shack, place your workbenches, make clothing, tools and food and get straight to building.

The best thing is that you can then upload your world files to a server and others can join in on the fun.

How to have a builderheim world:

  • Create/ Have a world
  • Be sure you can access the console of Valheim
  • Open the console (F5 for me)
  • be in devcommands mode (type ‘devcommands’ into the console window)
  • You can now start setting your global keys:
    • ‘setkey’ lets you set a particular global keys value.
    • type the command: ‘setkey noworkbench 1’
    • The console should verify that a global key has been set
    • Repeat this for every item in the above list of global keys
  • Also, type ‘listkeys’ to see the current list of keys you have set
  • Also, type ‘resetkeys [name]’ to set a key back to its default
  • Be sure to test everything in your local world
  • You can now upload this world to your favorite Valheim hoster; the world modifiers are now set in the Global Keys of the worldfile, so they will apply to anyone entering the world.

Apparently, using the modifier sliders in the interface to set specifics for a Valheim world doesnt store that in global keys, but somewhere else. So you cant have an uploaded shared world if you used the sliders to set up a builder friendly (or harsher) world, the info is not in the world files you would upload.

There are other Global Keys you can set, find the over at: Global_Keys